Wednesday, March 21, 2007

She stood up this morning. It was very brief, less than a second, on the bed after her bath. She's been trying to stand from plantigrade for a while, but usually her bum is going down as her torso rises. Not today - she stood slightly crouched, not straight backed or legged, just like little kids do.

I'm sure the knows when she's pooed. Today she said "up" to me, then took off towards her room. I didn't follow so she came back and said "upup". So I picked her up and changed her. Time to teach her the sign for "change"

Showed her her _Where's Spot_ book today. She immediately shook her head "No". (from "is he under the bed? No. Inside the piano? No. Etc.")

Tried her on her trike again. She's so much bigger than she was- her feet are easily on the floor, but she still can't do it. It's disappointing, but I guess it just needs to be learned, like everything else.

Apparently a person with DS graduated Melbourne University a few years ago. I searched, but found no info on it.

I watched Ellie take off her shirt a couple of days ago. She struggles a bit, because she takes it off backwards over her head, leaving her arms a bit trapped-- but she can do it.

And she had her first bowl of ice cream this week! We've given her spoonfuls before, but we thought she could have her own for a change. It was strawberry-- and she picked the bowl up and licked it clean!


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