Friday, March 16, 2007

Very happy girl
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Learned some new signs from ellie this morning.

She's been putting her thumbs together and bouncing them alot recently; neither my partner nor I could figure out what it meant. Turns out it's banana. She's changed the sign she's using for it; before she was pointing one thumb straight up and the other orthogonal to it-- a much better approximation of the sign, really-- but this action must be easier. I was reading to her, and we got to a picture of a banana, and she did the sign.

When we got to a picture of bread, she held each hand flat, and rubbed them together. It's a little bit like the real sign (making a cutting motion with one hand on top of the other hand). It's very encouraging that she's learning new signs quite quickly-- even if we're having a bit of trouble making them out. She's also babbling much more definitely; we're sure she knows what she's saying, even if we don't, yet.

I was filling out a medical form while she played in the other room; went to check on her (no noise==oh oh), and she had brown stuff all over her face! Panic! Relief when I realised it was chocolate. She'd found a chocolate from yesterday in her mum's bag. Clever, greedy, girl.

I've been wondering what the first big disaster will be. Tumbling onto her head on the concrete as she attempts the front door steps? Pulling a drawer from her wardrobe onto her head? Squishing her fingers in the drawers in the coffee table? Falling off a sofa onto her head? We've prepared as much as we can to prevent each one; but she can do more and more each day, and I'm sure she'll find a way of surprising us.

She surprised me today. She was playing with a plastic bag (under supervision), and she put it over her head. I guess it's inevitable; she loves bags and she loves hats. It means I have to keep my diaper bag out of reach, because there's always a plastic bag in there for poos. I kind of didn't believe that plastic bags are really a risk, I thought it was just more overprotection. I tend to let her play with plastic bags that she's found while I'm watching-- I don't want to make them really attractive by grabbing them away every time she finds one. And she really likes putting things into them-- quite tricky for her, holding the bag with one hand and guiding something else into it with the other. Good fine motor skills practice.

So add that to the possible disasters along with climbing over the top of the sofa and falling on her head, reaching up and turning on the hot tap in the bath and scalding herself-- the list goes on...


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