Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Ellie is mostly feeding herself now. She still uses her hands when we don't object (or aren't watching), but she's become quite good with the spoon.

Some habits of mine just kind of drop away. I used to read more books to her, and since we moved the reading chair, I read less-- and I forgot about all the books for older children, still on the other room, that I used to read for her.

She's doing lots of what my partner calls "imaginative play". She loves her baby doll, puts hats on it, cuddles and feeds it and herself food and drink from her spoon, bowl and cup.

She's very imitative. When she was a little baby she'd grab the comb to comb her hair. Most learning probably happens this way.

She likes hiding things down her top. My fault- I hid my mobile down my top when it was playing music. She liked how it went in top and came out the bottom. Now she puts stuff down my and her top. The necks of all my shirts are stretched as a result.

There's a nice shelf of stuffed toys for her to play with, completely ignored in favour of putting a hair pick between the slats of our venetian blinds. Who needs toys?

Its interesting what she persists in and what frustrates her. She's spent 10 minutes exploring how the comb slides among the slats of the blind. I've watched her putting things in and out of a plastic bag over and over-- yet she has no patience for posting or building towers with blocks. Of course, it might just be that I try and get her to do the latter.


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