Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Some new signs
  • wiggles -- she sort of twists both wrists with her hands splayed
  • watermelon -- both hands up to her mouth

There's a couple of other deliberate signs she's doing, but neither J. nor I have figured out what she means yet.

She did "drink" for the first time the other day-- it's been so hot, I'm not surprised. But it does emphasise that she'll learn them or use them when she needs to-- and if we're busy meeting all her needs, she doesn't need to tell us anything.

She liked the sea and the sand on the weekend.

She learns through imitation. It's interesting-- she will do things for us and expect us to imitate her. It's the basis of a few games-- she'll stick her tongue out and wave it around, so I'll follow, and she'll grab for my tongue. Tricky girl!


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