Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Morning was nice. Bath, playing, fun. She was grizzly after her morning sleep, and her nose was a bit runny. I tried to comb her hair as she was eating her lunch and she got very upset; was making choking sobs really quickly. Normally she'd scream and cry, but this seemed much worse.

She was very fragile all day. She woke up just after I'd put her down for her afternoon sleep and didn't cry herself to sleep so I got her up, tried to settle her. She was quite uncomfortable; she might have had a bit of a fever. I put her down to play, since she wasn't sleeping and went into the other room to settle myself. She started crying soon after. I gave her some milk, she drank it and then cried some more, so I gave her some panadol, and got her dinner ready. She liked her dinner. And then she went to sleep afterwards ok. I think she's a bit sick, and was really over-tired. It ended up being a crap day-- I was very frustrated for most of it. When I decided she was sick, though, then I relaxed, and was nicer to her. It's like it's ok to be grumpy if there's a reason or something-- I guess it meant she wasn't upset at me, so it was ok. I take her moods too personally.
I was up late last night too, so I've been tired all day, which makes everything worse.


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