Thursday, March 15, 2007

She was up late with her teeth, up early yesterday morning for whatever reason, then didn't sleep properly before lunch. She's been very rambunctious.

She wouldn't go to sleep this morning-- well, she did, but she woke up and cried. I should have left her, but I got her up and rocked her some more. She was tired, but didn't settle. So I put her in her cot. She started screaming, and screamed for half an hour before falling asleep.

Also this morning, she pointed to the top of the bookshelves where my partner keeps some hats and said "up hat". So we got her one down to play with, figuring she deserved it. Her first 2 word utterance!

She stole a friend's hat at play group the other day. At least, she came home with it in her bag, as well as her own. She loves hats, so if she found it on the ground I'm sure she would have just put it on. It's the sort she likes; soft cotton, shaped, a nice bow at the front, and lavender.


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